Friday, April 20, 2012

A Fun Way to Countdown to Disney

With 20 days to go, we told the kids that we are going to Disney World!  They were so excited.  Nolan got on the Disney website to look at the Star Wars attractions and these were his questions:  "can you buy Star Wars stuff there?  what can we buy?" (oh God).  Sean, my 4 year old was a little more clueless..."are we going today?" "No buddy not for a few weeks."  Sean: "tomorrow?"  I started to think maybe I should've told them yet, but I couldn't wait any longer!!  I knew I needed to do something so they would get the concept of how many days to go...maybe it might teach them a little patience?? Anyway, we make a paper chain at Christmas time (my husband's family tradition) they kids tear off a link to the chain each day leading up to Christmas.  So I thought I would make a Mickey countdown paper chain.
I "cut and pasted" a little picture of Mickey from the Disney website and shrunk it down...then I copied and pasted him a bunch of times and made numbered Mickey rows.
I cut them into strips on my paper cutter...
And then stapled together a chain.
Each day the boys take turns (they love taking turns LOL) tearing off a link to the chain and then they count how many days are left.
It's amazing how time flies.  I booked this trip 90 days ago!  I downloaded a "Disney Countdown" App on my iPhone (yup there's an App for that ;) that's how I've been counting down.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's my Blogiversary!

One year ago today, I posted my first blog post.  To all that follow, "like", tweet, occasionally peek...even if you have only read one post---THANK YOU to each and everyone of you!!  It's been a great year and it would not be possible without my dear friend Laura (Being Loopy).
Laura @Nordstrom Rack Tweet up

Laura was the one who got me started with my blog.  Laura showed me the ropes, introduced me to Twitter, encouraged me, invited me to blogger events, held my hand and cheered me on!  Thank you Laura!!! XOXO

Thanks again everyone!  I hope you keep reading...there are some exciting things on the brink!