Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lunch and The City - Country Meets City

Back in April when I did my first "Lunch and The City" post I mentioned that in the warmer months there is a farmer's market right across from my office building.  When I stepped out for lunch today I was happy to see it's back!  A real sign of spring/summer that put me a happy mood.  I had to walk over before I even got my lunch.

This farmer's market is actually called Boston Public Market and is located in Dewey Square, across from South Station at 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston.  It's a mix of Massachusetts farms and bakeries selling their organic or all natural goods right in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle.

Here are few I visited:
Stow Greenhouses selling fresh cut flowers.

"When Pigs Fly" all natural breads.
 I love the name of this bread, it cracks me up.
I sampled some chocolate bread, so good.

Kimball Fruit Farm had herbs and vegetables today

Hi-Rise Bakery from Cambridge looks like some more nice breads.  I was thinking about giving up bread, um not ready to do that yet.

This guy was selling some beautiful plants...
but I didn't catch the name of his farm because I was distracted by "Baking with Joy" an all natural bakery!

They were offering 13 different samples!  I tried an oatmeal and jam thingy and blond brownie.  I had to get out of there and go get a salad before my lunch became the 13 different baked goods samples.

Boston Public Market is comes to Dewey Square every Tuesday and Thursday May 28 to October 30th.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Search is over...for oilcloth fabric that is!

As I mentioned in my last oilcloth story, I had ordered a few yards of fabric for my dining room chairs from  Here it is! 

I found to be reasonably priced, tons to choose from, and free shipping!! (orders over $35)

This is not actually oilcloth, it's laminated cotton.  My plan was to use the green and white, since it goes nicely with my curtains.
Now I will reveal my disgusting chairs before.  My old house was smaller and my boys used the dining room for everything!
Here take a close gross!  LOL 

 OK, first, pour yourself a big glass of wine because your going to need it.

Then we removed the old nasty covers by prying the staples off with a screw driver and some pliers.
This is definitely a two woman job.  I enlisted my favorite jack of all trades, my mother!

We used the old cover as our pattern.

My mother held it tight while I stapled with the staple gun.  It is not as easy as it looks, my mother was at my house helping me until midnight God love her.

I didn't order enough of the green and white.  2 yards was not enough!!  I had also ordered a yard and a 1/2 of black and white.  Here is what I decided to do...

I LOVE the results!

 Sean likes them too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lunch and The City - Cafe de Boston

Another installment of Lunch and The City - Cafe de Boston!
Cafe de Boston is another new favorite of mine located at 75 Federal Street, Boston.
At the height of lunch hour, it is crazy in here and can be overwhelming.  There is so much to chose from, they have everything!  Pizza, a hot food bar, a cold food bar, any kind of kebob or wrap you can imagine. 

I went for my usual salad.  But this was no usual salad procedure.  It's one of those, they mix it for you, types.  And it has so much to choose from your head will spin.  Pretty cheap too--$6.95 with unlimited ingredients.
I went with something somewhat simple, as I got nervous when it was my turn.  There was just so much!  Mine was organic mixed greens, avocado, carrots, tomato,cucumber, a little feta and chicken with Olive oil & lemon dressing.
They also have little desserts.

Look at the gelato! 
I couldn't resist.  I figured I was having a salad, I could go for the gelato? right?  I AM always looking for a balance.  They give you two big scoops of two different kinds (and that was a size small!) - I picked caramel and chocolate O-M-G, it was so good.

I was so full.  I was like Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at my desk.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Greatness

I had a great Mother's Day weekend that was the perfect balance.  Time for me, time with my mother, time with my boys and husband...

As a Mother's Day gift to my mum (and me!) we went down to Falmouth, MA on Saturday.  Our mission:  To shop, eat and sleep! 

The shopping extravaganza started at The Buy Way Boutique on North Main Street.  It's a consignment shop that sells only designer labels.  Great deals! 

Real designer bags for a fraction of the price.


I really really wanted to buy this antique form, but it wasn't for sale :(

My bargains were from the 75% off rack...I think I spent $25.

It was time to check into the Seaside Inn.  It is technically a motel but it was so not motelish...

view from our room...

right across from the beach...

Off to Falmouth Village for dinner.  We had appetizers, drinks and split an enormous lobster sandwich while watching the Kentucky Derby at The Quarterdeck.

Cheers Mumma!

I didn't get as much sleep as I was hoping for.  Motherhood and old age have made me a very light sleeper.  There is a British Beer Company right across the parking lot that had a band rocking the night away.  Great for a girls weekend but if you go to this lovely inn looking for some rest bring a fan or some sort of "white noise".

Early breakfast at Betsy's Diner, a great old fashioned, all American diner.

A quick stop at the Christmas Tree Shop and then had to get home to my boys!
Cheap cuteness from the CTS...
And then I came home to a BBQ with the rest of my family and got some fabulous Mother's Day presents:
Let me break them down...

A beautiful plant my Sean picked out.

From Nolan, card with some money in it...the money cracks me up but "Mom Kelly"? LOL 
I'm looking good here, that's me with pocketbook...and a crewcut?
I can't stop laughing about this one.  Nolan made me a necklace.  This is some chain that was left over from the light our dining room, the "clasp" is fashioned from some duck tape.  Hysterical.  It's like a Tiffany's necklace on steroids.
I also received, wrapped in tin foil, some Star Wars guys that Nolan says he didn't need anymore. 
 Oh and this is what I found in my bedroom.  I have been searching for the perfect picture for over my bed but this was really not what I had in mind.  It's a red lightsaber that Nolan made, he put it in a turkey oven roasting bag and taped it to my wall LOL LOL...Um was my husband even watching the kids...LOL

I love my boys, I had the happiest Mother's Day!