Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little Oilcloth Fabric Project

Breathe new life into boring toddler chairs or, in my case, bring your toddler chairs back to life...
Funny, we don't have a dog even though this looks like it was attacked by one...nope just two boys.

With a Halloween birthday party approaching, I thought these little chairs could use a facelift.  Also because I have an abundance of fabulous oilcloth fabric.  I bought it dirt cheap on  Just put "oilcloth" in the search box.
This little chair project was quick and easy.  All you need is the oilcloth fabric, phillips head screwdriver, scissors and a staple gun.

Unscrew and remove the top padding from the chair.
 Cut out fabric needed.
 You don't need much of an edge.
 Pull it tight and staple all around.
 Sean wanted to "help"
 Silly Seaney!
Now for the seat.  Flip the chair over and unscrew the seat cushion.
Flip the cushion over, lay it on the fabric and just eyeball how much you will need and cut.
Again you don't need much of an edge, maybe like a an inch.  Pull tight and staple all around.
 Pull the corners in a trianguler fashion and staple.

 And there you have it...just like new!
 Aren't they cute?  Sort of a mini-version of my dining room chairs.  My dining room chairs were done with a laminated fabric.  For these little chairs I used a true oilcloth - thick and sturdy.  But I think you could use  either for this project.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYC & The Nate Berkus Show

I was lucky enough to score some tickets to the Nate Berkus Show.  I invited my Mom and some forever family friends of ours, Kathy and her daughter Andrea.  We made a mini-trip out of it.  We covered a lot in a short period of time.  It was so much fun!

We took at very early Amtrak train and arrived in NYC about 10:30AM.  If you take the train be sure to check out all the discounts Amtrak has to offer (AAA, senior rates, etc.).

Our hotel, The New Yorker, was within walking distance from Penn Station.  We went to the hotel thinking we would just have them hold our bags until check-in.  As luck would have it, they had a room ready for us!
The New Yorker Hotel is a well-known Midtown Manhattan hotel offering location, value and style.
This hotel is fabulous!  Great service and super comfy beds!
We got a "Facebook Special" rate, it was a great deal.  "Like" them on Facebook, click on "contact us" to receive special discounts or follow them on Twitter.  If you check-in on Foursquare you get free breakfast coupons for the Tick Tock Diner.  This is a 24-hour diner, we eat there twice it was so good.

The Nate Berkus Show wasn't until 2PM the next day so we had plenty of time to explore the city.
First stop, lunch!  We took about a 15 minute taxi ride to Little Italy.  There was so much to choose from, it's a bit overwhelming.

 On a whim we strolled into Cafe Napoli - OMG amazing!
I had the sole...beyond delicious
Mom, Kathy, Me and Andrea
After lunch we walked a block to Canal Street.  I got these fun scarfs for five bucks each.
It was a gorgeous day so we keep on walking and made our way to Ground Zero.  On the way we got a glimpse of "Occupy Wall Street".  Needless to say it was a little crazy.
We didn't realize we needed to reserve tickets to view the 9/11 Memorial, but we were able to see a little of it without tickets.
 It was very moving...
We had trouble finding a cab for some strange reason, it was the financial district after all!  My mother finally flagged one down (we were impressed with her skills!) and we slowly made our way back towards our hotel.  We stopped along the way at Chelsea Market.  Very cool.
Anything you could imagine to eat.  We needed an energy boost so we had gelato and cookies! 
Before we got in another taxi, we noticed a filming crew.  They were filming a movie called "Disconnect" starring Jason Bateman (love him!).
We saw his trailer.  I was hoping to for a photo opportunity, but it didn't happen.
We went back to the lovely New Yorker Hotel to regroup and figure out where we were going for dinner (yes eating again!).  The concierge informed us that we were not too far from Restaurant Row.  She suggested a few restaurants.  We ate at Joe Allen's and it was very good.

Then we walked over to Times Square!

 So awesome

The next day we headed over to CBS studios.  We were early so we had some refreshments at a nearby Irish pub.
Andrea & me
Kathy & Mum
While waiting to get in it started raining, but it didn't dampen our excitement.
We were not allowed to take pictures once the cameras started rolling.  We were able to sneak in a few before things got started.
The set!
It's even more bright and cheery than on TV
 All of us in the audience, we had great seats!
The show was so fun.  The woman who warms up the crowd was hilarious.  In between segments she had us doing dance contests and trivia.  My mother won a t-shirt for her dance moves!
Nate did come out in between segments and played trivia with us.  He is so cute!

The guest star was Linda Evans.  She was promoting her new cookbook/Dynasty picture book.  The other segments included House Proud, some frugal fashion tips and how to decorate if you are living paycheck to paycheck.  The show will air in two weeks.

We had a great trip.  It was time to get on the train back to Boston.  Goodbye New York...until next time...

Since our stay, The New Yorker Hotel awarded me with their #twotels award...check it out...
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