Saturday, November 9, 2013

DIY Wipe Board

Not sure where or how I found/realized that you could use "dry erase" makers on glass and it would actually wipe off!  I am pretty sure it was somewhere on Pinterest.

All you need is:
A frame - I got this one at Michael's, they are constantly having buy one get one free or 50% off sales.
Some fabric
Tape (duck tape or painters tape)
Dry erase markers and an eraser (Target)

I wrapped the fabric around the cardboard that was inside the frame.  I pulled it tight and taped with some painters tape.  Then I just stick it back in the frame.

I hung it in the kitchen.  I put lists, reminders, messages to the kids/hubby, and countdowns (as you can see here, I did this project over the summer).

Sean loves it too.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

NYC: Attending the Jimmy Fallon Show!

Many people have been asking me how I got the tickets for Jimmy Fallon.  The answer is, anyone can do this and it's FREE.  It just takes perseverance and a some patience.

When I was planning a trip to NYC with my girlfriends, I thought how fun would it be to go to Jimmy Fallon?!  I went to the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon NBC website.  There is a phone number you call  to reserve tickets. Unfortunately, the show was not taping the days when the girls and I were going to be there...wah.

I kept the phone number at my desk and would randomly call until one day, someone picked up the phone!  I couldn't believe someone finally answered.  I got two tickets (you can reserve up to four tickets) for me and my husband.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon books one month in advance.  If you have a ton of patience there is also a standby procedure that is explained on the website.

NBC sends you an email confirming the you have tickets reserved but not guaranteed (eek).  The nice man on the phone told me to get to the "NBC Experience Store Cafe" by 3PM and I should not have a problem picking up my tickets and that everyone needs to have a picture ID with them.

We headed over to Rockefeller Plaza around 2:30 p.m. that afternoon to scope it out.  We located and confirmed the exact area where we were to wait in line for our tickets.  There were about five people hanging around.  I was getting nervous, excited and...hungry!  We ran across the street to Bouchon Bakery and split (inhaled) a nice sandwich.  We ran back over and got in line for our tickets.  We were probably about 15th in line.  An NBC guy came over and said not to worry that we all had tickets!! PHEW!!! Yeah!

Promptly at 3:00 p.m. they started handing out the tickets and wristbands.  We finally got ours...woo hoo.
They told to meet back at a specific escalator at 4:30 (no earlier and no later!).  The other strict rule:  No photographs whatsoever!!!  If you take a picture inside the studio, they will make you delete it and kick you out.  Oh and another big thing, you can't use the bathroom once you are in your seats.

We had some time to kill, which is easy to do in Rockefeller Plaza, so much to see.  We wondered around for a bit, found the restrooms, and made sure we didn't drink anything!

It was finally time to meet at the escalator, there was a sign, welcome to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  I would've taken a picture, but I was afraid to.  Once we got in and up the escalator, they broke people up into groups.  And then we were in another line for about 15 minutes.

We were finally lead to our seats, in the fifth row!!!  Oh wait a minute, did I mention that Justin Timberlake was on the show (scream).  The studio is small so, no matter what seat you get you can we are in the audience
source:  Late Night With Jimmy Fallon website
There was an audience "warm-up" guy who was a hilarious comedian.  Then the house band, The Roots, came out, they were awesome.  The guests were Justin Timberlake, Dee Snider, and Timothy Olyphant.  All the guests were great but, Justin and Jimmy are so funny together.  Then Justin and his band performed, it was thrilling to say the least.
I was truly an exciting experience.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

On The Brink...of eating a cupcake!

Ugh, why am I finding it so hard to eat better.  I know what I should and shouldn't be eating...I know what is healthy.  It seems the older I get the less willpower I have!  Last year I blogged about being in my 40's and all the changes that come with it (good & bad).  After yet another birthday in December and a weigh-in at my last check-up...eek, ugh, omg!!!
So today is the day...(although I said that last week, but this time, really, it is ;)
Here is how the day went....
Breakfast - plain greek yogurt w/blueberries & coffee (with cream, oops)
Dropped the kids off at school and went to Wholefoods for inspiration.
On the ride home from the market I had a "Think Thin" bar (Caramel)  I was really trying to think thin and not think about bagels, donuts and greasy egg sandwiches.
Lunch - kale, spinach, avocado salad, I texted a picture to my friend, saying "I hope I don't puke" and if it wasn't for the little bit of dressing, Brianna's Lemon Tarragon, I think I would've at least gagged.  Just a little side note, my sister-in-law Sheila introduced me to this dressing, I am obsessed with it, not only is it so good on salads, I marinate my chicken in it too, thanks Sheila!
It honestly wasn't bad, I do love avocado and it is filling...raw kale and spinach not so much, but I did eat it!
Then I started thinking about sweets...cupcakes...yummy cupcakes with sugary frosting!  Maybe I'll make some with the kids after school...humm....
To try to get my mind off cupcakes...I had a cup of herbal tea with licorice root, licorice root is suppose to help with sweet cravings. 
 This tea is really good.  Not as good as a cupcake but it did take my mind off it for a little while.
When the kids got home from school, I said let's make cupcakes, I mean smoothies!  They love smoothies so I made each of them their specific smoothie and then I made one for me.
Frozen blueberries, rice milk and chia seeds (let the Chia seeds soak in water for like 10 minutes) in the blender.  Cha cha cha chia seeds have omega 3's, fiber and other healthy benefits.  This really helped my sweet tooth!
OK at this point, I'm starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dinner - plain turkey burger and roasted asparagus - I know, you are all jealous.
And instead of a glass of wine, I am going to have this tea...
OK, who's sh**ing who here...
just a little glass...cheers!
...and for eating healthy and workouts check out my friend, "celebrity trainer" Jon Paul's blog It's informative and very funny.  One of Jon Paul's quotes that keeps coming to mind is "You might even feel a little bit hungry when you go to bed. It’s okay. You’re not going to die."   LOL