Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mustaches on a Stick!

My youngest son Sean LOVES Mario.  Sean's birthday is the day before Halloween.  We always have a Halloween costume party, but I still let him pick a birthday party theme.  There was no question that this year it would be Mario!

We got Mario and Luigi plates, napkins, decorations, favors and...we made mustaches on a stick!

Here is the how-to:
I found a mustache template online.  I forget exactly where I found the template, just google "mustache on a stick" and you will find some templates and a lot of other funny things! 

I used black felt, a glue gun, pins and wooden sticks from Michael's.
I cut out the paper mustache patterns.  I folded the felt so that when I cut it I had two mustache sides that match up perfectly.  Pin the patten on to folded piece of black felt.
I cut it out along the pattern.
My older son Nolan wanted to help.
Mama going to need more coffee.
We made a mustache assembly line.
"Mum why are you like so subsessed (obsessed) with mustaches?"

pull apart the matching mustache pieces...put hot glue and the stick in the middle 
Then put on the other matching side and squeeze together.  Be careful not to burn your fingers on the hot glue like it did.
They were a hit at the Halloween/Mario Birthday Party!


Loopy said...

Those are great! You are so flippin' creative, I can't stand it!

Sister Cousin said...

WOW! It really is funny how we think alike...I too did cupcakes for the three Birthdays this year too. I bought a new rotating cupcake stand for Jalina's party. I LOVE LOVE doing cupcakes, they are so quick (cheap) and easy to serve. OX

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