Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Camp & Food Allergies - Feeling High Maintainence

As you may have seen from a past post we have been trying out the Weymouth Club.  They offer week-long day camps or you can go for the day.  Today was Mario and Luigi day.  Sean LOVES Mario so I called and signed them up.  I gave them a big "heads up" about my kids food allergies as this was going to be an all day affair with lunch included.  Nolan my 5 yr old would be able to eat the lunch, but Sean would not.  I would have to pack lunch and snacks for Sean because of his multiple food allergies.  I have done this all year for pre-school for Sean but this is a new place where he has never spent the day...this is when my anxiety starts to rise. 

We get there and I bring them in along with epi-pens, special lunch, snacks and a list of the things they are allergic to.  I gave the counselors a run down.  Then I look on the craft table.  On one end everyone is playing with play dough and the other end is doing a craft with stickers.  I had to say "the little one, Sean, can't play with the play dough".  Play dough has wheat in it.  In the past Sean got hives from touching it.  Then I follow with, "oh and my older one, Nolan, he can play with the play dough but he has to wash his hands after".  Ugh, I felt like such high maintenance Mama! 

Don't get me wrong everyone there was so nice about everything which was great because sometimes people look at my like I have three heads.  I hate to draw all this attention to myself and my kids but I know I have to.  It's my job to keep them safe.  I have to swallow my anxiety, put my big girl pants on and make everyone fully aware.  I want my kids to be able to experience the fun that other kids get to.  It just takes a lot of extra work (and worry) on my part and some days it gets to me a little ;) 

OK, I just needed to vent.  Of course I will feel MUCH better when the day is over, everything has gone smooth and the best part-- they tell me how much fun they had.


Kelly said...

Did the boys have a blast??? No issues for Sean?

Cat said...

Poor kids! I'm allergic to gluten myself (and that's essentially my only allergy) and I am SO glad it's becoming a 'trendy' allergy because I'm definitely used to the "you can't eat what? are you sure?" look from strangers. Way to go Mommy for keeping them safe! People need to realise that food allergies can be life threatening and yes, it IS a big deal! Sorry for rambling, love the blog!