Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy Breezy Cape Cod

This past weekend one of my BFFs, Heather, and I took our kids the Cape.  We didn't have a real plan.  We knew we were staying two nights at the Ocean Park Inn in Eastham and at some point on Saturday we were going to Heather's family reunion in Harwichport.  Other than that we decided to fly by the seat of our pants.  This is what I love about Heather, she is so easy to be with and we always have fun.

The kids swam in the outdoor and indoor pools morning, noon and night.  We did bumper boats, beaches, trampolines, go-carts, more beaches, more bumper boats and arcades. 

We also ate out.  In this case not planning ahead for a child with food allergies makes me nervous. This is something you really can't be easy breezy about.  I did have back up food in the cooler if there wasn't something that I thought was safe for Sean.  I think because Cape Cod is such a summer tourist attraction almost everywhere we went had a sign posted that said "please inform your server if there is a food allergy in your party".  Sometimes I feel like they put this sign up as if to say "if you have an allergy there is really nothing you can eat here ".  This was not the case at the Fairway in North Eastham.  The manager came out and asked me thoughtful questions.  She told us how they would safely cook Sean's food.  They were so welcoming and understanding.
Although after a few root beers it got a little rowdy!

More pictures from our mini vacation:
Plenty of movies for the ride down.
Sean at the outdoor pool.
The indoor pool...
The beautiful beach in Harwichport.
The go-carts in Harwich.
The bumper boats in Harwichport.
The trampolines in Harwichport.

We took a tram-like shuttle to Coast Guard Beach, located in the Cape Cod National Seashore.

This beach was beautiful and the waves were awesome.
The Red Barn - a great place for lunch, arcades and a beer (located within walking distance from our hotel).  Sean was able to eat here too!
and more bumper boats...

Great fun, great weather, great friends...all around greatness.

Contact info for all the places we went:
Buds Go Karts - 9 Sisson Road, Harwich, MA
Grand Slam Entertainment - 322 Main Street, Harwichport, MA
Trampoline Center, 296 Main Street, Rt. 28, Harwichport, MA