Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Escape to Martha's Vineyard

Since becoming parents my husband Mike and I look forward to our one night (kid-free) escape to Martha's Vineyard each summer. 

We boarded the Island Queen Ferry in Falmouth.  I like taking this smaller ferry out of Falmouth rather than the big Steamship Authority out of Woodshole.  The Steamship Authority boats are bigger, you can bring your car on them (with advanced reservation) and they run more often, but they are really crowded and have alot of closed-in areas.  These closed-in areas make me seasick.  Also before you get to the boat you have to park your car in a parking lot miles away and take a long bus ride to the dock.  So before I am even seasick, I am carsick! LOL.  I guess you could say I have transportation issues.  Anyway, the Island Queen is small but very open and the parking is within walking distance.  No offense to the ole Steamship Authority but the Island Queen works better for us.

Upon arriving on the island we took a short bus ride (no, thankfully I did not get bus sick) to Edgartown. 

For this trip, rather than be our usual gluttonous selves, (we usually walk around stopping to eat, drink, eat, drink, then eat some more and drink some more) our plan was to go for a bike ride.

We did rent bikes but we needed to do a few things first.  A little bit of eating and drinking (always looking for a balance).

Lunch at the Seafood good.  Salad with Lobster and Mike had steamers and chowdah!

Check-in to our hotel...
This year we are very excited to stay at the Vineyard Square Hotel.  Two summers ago we dined at the amazing Chesca's which is a part of this lovely hotel.  I remember peeking in the lobby thinking, I would love to stay here.
Vincent at the front desk was extremely welcoming and helpful, as was the rest of staff.

Full of charm and history, this hotel is 100 years old. 
Formerly known as The Colonial Inn, The Vineyard Square has been tastefully updated without losing the character of the original hotel. 
Our cozy room
The view from the relaxing sitting up here...
The absolute best part of this hotel is the LOCATION!  We could walk to everything.  It's right in the heart of Edgartown but very quiet and sooo relaxing.

 There is a time for sure.
There is also a gym, yeah I didn't go in there.

Mike on a bike
We took a small barge-like ferry over to Chappaquiddick.
We rode out to Chappaquiddick's South Beach.  Round trip it was about 8 miles. 

I seriously can not remember the last time I was on a bike.  I occasionally ride the stationary bike at the gym but as far as riding a bicycle, I swear it's been at least 18 years.  But as they say "it's just like riding a bike".  I was doing pretty good until I hit a bumpy dirt road going down hill....eeek!  And then there was the swishy sandy road...OMG.

 But it was worth it as this was the most scenic part of the ride...
We arrived at this beautiful beach and cooled off.
On the way back...
Chappaquiddick Beach Club
I love the old fashioned beach huts.

I called home to check-in.  When I told my 5 year old I went for a bike ride, he was astonished and said "You did?  Did you have training wheels?" 

Then back to eating/drinking:  We had a fancy smance dinner at which I got a burger, LOL. 

Got an ice cream at Mad Martha's and called it a night (yes we are getting old). 

Then the next day it was time to get back to reality...
One last stop before getting on the boat home -Captain Fishbones in Oak Bluffs.
Good bye Martha's Vineyard see you next year.
 We had to get back home to mini Darth Vader...
 and my little couch burrito...I really did miss them ;)


Kelly said...

Sounds like a great get-away! LOVE the pictures.

annette said...

Great blog Kelly! I felt like I was there for a minute - until son #2 squeezed his entire yogurt tube on my feet, that is :)

Loopy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time..and great weather. It's so nice to get away.