Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink and Green was the Theme

I love looking at all the fabulous, creative party ideas and themes on Pinterest (yes, I am talking about Pinterest again!).  Thought I'd post a pink and green baby shower theme I did last spring for a BFF of mine.

After having two boys my friend Kerri was having a third child and found out it was a girl!  We wanted to throw her a little shower, a sprinkle really, of PINK!  Kerri had told me Olivia's room is going to be pink and green, I immediately thought, hello baby shower theme!  I love these colors together, it reminds me of the preppy early 80's.

I had so much fun putting this little shin-dig together for my very dear
and deserving friend.  Here is all the pink & green greatness:
The Invitation - from the Paper Store (Hingham)
The favors - I found the little buckets at Target and picked up some flower seeds at Lowe's.
Also at Target, I found these fun pink lanterns...
I got some more buckets at Target and IKEA
I used the little ones to hold utensils and I put plants the big ones for centerpieces.

Pink lanterns from IKEA
Used this "baby shower" paper from Papersource to decorate.
The cake that our bff Heather got from Veronica's Sweetcakes that was so good!
a picture I wish I thought to take - our bff Maureen brought the wine for all the non-pregnant was a whole lot of wine!

Baby gift from me - given that I have two boys, had a great time baby girl shopping. 
Inside the pink bin:
This adorable little tote bag from The Christmas Tree Shop.  I had it monogrammed at Threads and Ink in Braintree (who I highly recommend!)
Some stationary...
that I personalized...
Cutie bootie socks
A tu-tu of course!

Here are all the ladies ou-ing and ah-ing over the baby gifts.  I wish I had more pictures of all the adorable gifts but my camera was not cooperating :(
Here she is, Miss Olivia...she arrived in July 2012...always dressed to the nines...


Kerri said...

Amazing Day! I wish everyone was as blessed as I am with great friends and family! Everything was perfect!!

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