Thursday, February 23, 2012

E.T. Phone Home...the obsession continues

This winter, New England has been unbelievably warm.  My Nolan loves to be outside.  Sean is much more of the indoorsy type.  This picture was from last week.  The weather was amazing.  Nolan was out in the backyard right after breakfast.  I keep peeking out at him.  He was "fixing" his old bike.

Next thing he is begging Sean to come outside to see a "surprise."  "Mom don't look yet."  I thought, oh God!  
"OK Mom you can look now..."
A few weeks before Halloween Nolan watched the ET movie and became obsessed.  It started with him attaching a basket to the front of his little bike.  Then he pleaded for a red sweatshirt.  (That I found on for $8)  He put Yoda (from his Star Wars obsession) in the basket, as it was the closest thing he could find that looked like ET.
So there was no question--he was going to be Elliot for Halloween.  His uncle (my brother) fueled his obsession by crafting a paper mache ET head!  Yes my entire family is completely nuts creative.

That was all fine and good for Halloween but ET stayed on his bike for weeks after...getting some strange looks at the park from other little kids who had no idea who ET was.
Most of the parents got a good laugh out of it...or maybe they were laughing at me for allowing him to ride around the park with ET wrapped in a towel strapped to his bike!  That's normal right?  I would tell myself, just like all his other obsessions favorite things--The Wiggles, Pirates, the Wiggles again, Star Wars, Harry Potter...this too shall pass...and God knows what will be next!

When the new Muppet movie came along, poor ET was put on a shelve in the playroom and forgotten. But for some reason ET has reared his funny big head again.  Nolan had asked me to download music from ET the day before...but he also asked for music from Star Wars, Spongebob, Victorious and the chicken dance, so I wasn't thinking that ET was coming back in full force.

Not only did he stick his bike in a tree and dress Sean up like Elliot, he had the music playing for the full effect...
The next Steven Spielberg?
Although Sean will tell you, he can be a bit difficult to work with.


SisterCousin OX said...

LOLOLOLOLOL...I am VERY impressed, he is a RIOT (and I wonder WHERE he gets it from) LOL. Thanks again for another laugh. I think you might be right about the Speilberg thing...LOLLOLOL Cant stop.

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