Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Greatness

I had a great Mother's Day weekend that was the perfect balance.  Time for me, time with my mother, time with my boys and husband...

As a Mother's Day gift to my mum (and me!) we went down to Falmouth, MA on Saturday.  Our mission:  To shop, eat and sleep! 

The shopping extravaganza started at The Buy Way Boutique on North Main Street.  It's a consignment shop that sells only designer labels.  Great deals! 

Real designer bags for a fraction of the price.


I really really wanted to buy this antique form, but it wasn't for sale :(

My bargains were from the 75% off rack...I think I spent $25.

It was time to check into the Seaside Inn.  It is technically a motel but it was so not motelish...

view from our room...

right across from the beach...

Off to Falmouth Village for dinner.  We had appetizers, drinks and split an enormous lobster sandwich while watching the Kentucky Derby at The Quarterdeck.

Cheers Mumma!

I didn't get as much sleep as I was hoping for.  Motherhood and old age have made me a very light sleeper.  There is a British Beer Company right across the parking lot that had a band rocking the night away.  Great for a girls weekend but if you go to this lovely inn looking for some rest bring a fan or some sort of "white noise".

Early breakfast at Betsy's Diner, a great old fashioned, all American diner.

A quick stop at the Christmas Tree Shop and then had to get home to my boys!
Cheap cuteness from the CTS...
And then I came home to a BBQ with the rest of my family and got some fabulous Mother's Day presents:
Let me break them down...

A beautiful plant my Sean picked out.

From Nolan, card with some money in it...the money cracks me up but "Mom Kelly"? LOL 
I'm looking good here, that's me with pocketbook...and a crewcut?
I can't stop laughing about this one.  Nolan made me a necklace.  This is some chain that was left over from the light our dining room, the "clasp" is fashioned from some duck tape.  Hysterical.  It's like a Tiffany's necklace on steroids.
I also received, wrapped in tin foil, some Star Wars guys that Nolan says he didn't need anymore. 
 Oh and this is what I found in my bedroom.  I have been searching for the perfect picture for over my bed but this was really not what I had in mind.  It's a red lightsaber that Nolan made, he put it in a turkey oven roasting bag and taped it to my wall LOL LOL...Um was my husband even watching the kids...LOL

I love my boys, I had the happiest Mother's Day!


Kathleen said...

nice storytelling Kelly! I feel as though I was there with you enjoying the weekend and your gifts from your boys "so cute"...I look forward to reading your blog. LOL

Joe said...

omg your gifts were adorable!!!!!! when i was scrolling and saw the plastic bag i got a little scared at first based on nolan's past... ;) hahaha! happy belated moms day!

Joe said...

joe = kandi.. sorry. i signed up for google mail as joe smith years ago and never changed it! lol!

Loopy said...

Great post! I love the picture hanging above your bed. Your boys went above and beyond. They obviously love their mom. P.S. I want to see that necklace on you someday.