Sunday, May 15, 2011

Search is over...for oilcloth fabric that is!

As I mentioned in my last oilcloth story, I had ordered a few yards of fabric for my dining room chairs from  Here it is! 

I found to be reasonably priced, tons to choose from, and free shipping!! (orders over $35)

This is not actually oilcloth, it's laminated cotton.  My plan was to use the green and white, since it goes nicely with my curtains.
Now I will reveal my disgusting chairs before.  My old house was smaller and my boys used the dining room for everything!
Here take a close gross!  LOL 

 OK, first, pour yourself a big glass of wine because your going to need it.

Then we removed the old nasty covers by prying the staples off with a screw driver and some pliers.
This is definitely a two woman job.  I enlisted my favorite jack of all trades, my mother!

We used the old cover as our pattern.

My mother held it tight while I stapled with the staple gun.  It is not as easy as it looks, my mother was at my house helping me until midnight God love her.

I didn't order enough of the green and white.  2 yards was not enough!!  I had also ordered a yard and a 1/2 of black and white.  Here is what I decided to do...

I LOVE the results!

 Sean likes them too!


Loopy said...

Amazing! They look so great. You and Nancy are quite a team

Kathleen said...

the chairs look awesome...I love that you used both fabrics...nice job done by you and Mom!

mysouthshorehouse said...

So impressed with these! I could really use this type of fabric in my dining room! I think you and your mom should go into business together, so much talent!!! Keep the ideas coming!