Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lunch and The City - Cafe de Boston

Another installment of Lunch and The City - Cafe de Boston!
Cafe de Boston is another new favorite of mine located at 75 Federal Street, Boston.
At the height of lunch hour, it is crazy in here and can be overwhelming.  There is so much to chose from, they have everything!  Pizza, a hot food bar, a cold food bar, any kind of kebob or wrap you can imagine. 

I went for my usual salad.  But this was no usual salad procedure.  It's one of those, they mix it for you, types.  And it has so much to choose from your head will spin.  Pretty cheap too--$6.95 with unlimited ingredients.
I went with something somewhat simple, as I got nervous when it was my turn.  There was just so much!  Mine was organic mixed greens, avocado, carrots, tomato,cucumber, a little feta and chicken with Olive oil & lemon dressing.
They also have little desserts.

Look at the gelato! 
I couldn't resist.  I figured I was having a salad, I could go for the gelato? right?  I AM always looking for a balance.  They give you two big scoops of two different kinds (and that was a size small!) - I picked caramel and chocolate O-M-G, it was so good.

I was so full.  I was like Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at my desk.


Kelly said...

I am LOVING your lunch in the city posts. Makes me want to venture out and not bring my lunch anymore!

Kelly said...

Thanks Kel! Sorry to be a bad influence, I am so bad with bringing my lunch. We should walk over there together on the next sunny day that we are both working ;)

mysouthshorehouse said...

That salad bar look amazing!!!! They need one on the South Shore. I will definitely tell Jim about it, he is always looking for a good place to grab lunch in the city. Thanks for the tip!!!