Monday, May 2, 2011

Better than the Royal Wedding!

I saw the mail lady dropping off our mail and she said
"I have a few packages for you I will get them out of my truck after I finish delivering on your street."  OMG!  Really?  It's got to be my oilcloth fabric samples I ordered from jolly old England! 

As I wait for the mail lady to come back I was practically hyperventilating in anticipation.  I keep going to the door looking to see if she came back yet......what the heck was taking her so long (mind you it had only been about 15-20 minutes).  I was like my 5 year old when he is expecting something in the mail.

Nope not there yet...

Let me check again...nope

It's here!! wasn't my package from England!  It was the lovely Stella & Dot Necklace I ordered from Jo-Ann Coe at a fun party last week.  Love it.

And the other package was a pair of sneakers my hubs ordered so he will be excited (probably not as excited as I am about fabric samples).  Two boxes of happiness but, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for my oilcloth samples.  I know they are busy other there with the Royal Wedding and all but this is important!  As luck would have it they arrived a few days after the Royal Wedding...and they were in this little tiny envelope LOL!

Okay, so I am a little disappointed...could they be any smaller? 
I am laughing at myself that I originally thought they were in two big boxes!

You get what you pay for, they were free!  I don't know why my expectations were so high, duh!

On the positive spin, I got a good idea of what the patterns looked like from their website and the samples did give me a good indication of the texture of the fabric.  Really sturdy and definitely wipeable.

These are the three I am considering for my dining room chairs.  I'll use some of the "samples" from their website, otherwise you would need magnifying glass:

These others were just for fun, maybe something for a future project.

I also ordered some samples, well a few yards from should arrive by the end of the week!  Yes I am a little obsessed.  The samples from England where from


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Loopy said...

You must have felt like Nolan waiting for Nana to bring the First Aid kit over.