Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Decoupage Part Deux

For those of you that were asking what the hell is decoupage, here is a better definition:
decoupage  [dey-koo-pahzh] – French origin – the art or technique of decorating something with cut-outs of paper, linoleum, plastic or other flat material over which varnish or lacquer is applied.

Here is my second attempt at decoupage, this time it's with a galvanized bucket.

A few things I learned decoupaging the second time around:

1.  That unless I want to get interuppted 57 times this is something I can only do when the kids are at school or asleep!  Mom, what are you doing?  Mom can I help? Mum, I'm thirsty...Mom look what I did...Mom where is my paint...mom, mumma, mum!  LOL.

2.  I discovered that there are a number of different Mod Podges!  My favorite so far is the "Outdoor" Mod Podge.  It is really thick, glossy and bonds well.  The "Gloss" Mod Podge was good for overall coverage at the end of the project to give it an extra shine.

3.  Don't use Mod Podge the day after getting a manicure :( 

I moved production down to the play room, thinking everyone would stay in the same place.  Sean was the only one that complied...Nolan had other ideas.

I was going to completely cover the entire thing with decorative paper but found it to be much too advanced for my current decoupaging skill level.  So I added some strips and shapes.  Here are some tips/pictures on how I did this (again, I am not so good with the step by step)

I painted the "Outdoor" Mod Podge on the bucket and on the back of the paper.  After sticking it on I painted more "Outdoor" Mod Podge all over it.  And then some "gloss" Mod Podge.  I went a little Mod Podge crazy!

I took it outside to dry in the lovely sun.

 I also decoupaged a little gift tag...

I used the decoupaged bucket for a "his & her fabulous hair" gift package we donated to a fundraiser.  It was filled with "Moroccan Oil" Hair Products for her and "Towel Dry" products for him along with a gift certificate to Lessard's Barbershop (my husband's barbershop). 

Nolan wanted to add his own bow...

The fundrasier was for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  A friend from high school, Jimmy Stone, is running the Boston Marathon to raise money for Dana-Farber.  Jimmy's wife has been battling cancer this past year and is now in remission.  A great gift, a great night, for a great cause.


Loopy said...

Love this! It came out great.

Kathleen said...

Kelly, nice job...I'll have to buy some "outdoor modge podge" now that I know about it...the metal bucket will be used over and over...it's an awesome decorated container...I think it's kool!

stacey said...

Kelly, terrific job on all. I love the whole "Mom Interrupted" take. Really impressed...keep up the great work!