Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lunch and The City

So here is a weekly segment:  Lunch and The City (you know like "Sex and The City" but different LOL).

Since becoming a mother, I now work part-time.  I still come into Boston but now 3 days a week.  My favorite part of the day…LUNCH!  I will talk about some of my favorite places that I have been going to for years.  And since I love to try new places and different food, some will be places I am trying for the first time. Some of it will be healthy, some not so healthy.

Today I went to one of my new favorites.  It's called Clover  It's actually a lunch truck that serves great food with fresh, local and sometimes organic, ingredients.  

They have a few trucks throughout Boston.  This truck is right across from my office building at One Financial Center.  It's on the corner of Summer Street and Atlantic Avenue near South Station.  The Clover truck started parking at this location a few days a week during this past summer when the Farmer's Market was going on (I will definitely blog about the Farmer's Market this summer, it's really great).  Then I started seeing the Clover truck everyday.  All winter-long even through every stupid snowstorm we had, they were there, God love them.  Their menu is quite unique.

and I love seeing this..

I had the chick pea fritter sandwich, well it's usually a sandwich but they ran out of bread today, something to do with their generator losing power.  So it was actually chick pea fritter on lettuce, which was just as good.

and since I wasn't having any bread, I got their awesome rosemary fries.
Somewhat healthy, right?  LOL...well much better than most fries!

I love this truck.  For much more info, especially and nutritional info their website is http://www.cloverfoodlab.com/
You can also follow them on Twitter...


mysouthshorehouse said...

Kelly! I love your blog!! Can't wait to read more posts! You go girl!

Loopy said...

Yum! I never knew something like the Clover truck existed. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I am so going to check this out for lunch. Thanks Kelly!!!