Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mommy and Me

After some fun but exhausting kid-filled couple of days I was looking for a little "Mommy and Me" time...with my Mommy that is...

It is a rare occasion that I get to be with just my Mum, like the old days.  We always have the boys with us or she, the incredible Nana that she is, has them when I am working. 

Our Mission - Oilcloth fabric for my dining room chairs.  I want to recover my dining room chairs for the third time...the first two fabrics that my mother helped me cover them with have been destroyed by little messy Marvins.  I want something I can wipe off but still want a decorative look.  I am searching for the perfect oilcloth fabric.  Who better to search for fabric with than my Mum.  She was an interior designer for years, has an expert eye for color and is fun to shop with.

We headed over to the Stitch House in Dorchester in search of greatness. 

This shop is fabulous!

They carry a lot of Amy Butler fabrics.  Just looking at these fabrics puts you in an inspirational mood.  The colors and patterns are amazing.


Not only does The Stitch House have fabulous fabric, it has a grand selection of of yarn and quilting needs.

They also have sewing, knitting and decorating classes & parties!

There were only two choices of oilcloths and they were quite lovely but wouldn't really "go" in my dining room.  But of course I didn't leave empty handed.  I fell in love with this fabric.  Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I LOVE it.

Maybe something in our bedroom, I am liking how it looks with the brown walls...and the search for the perfect oilcloth continues...

You can The Stitch House on Facebook and Twitter or check out their website

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