Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Future Barber?

This would probably fall under on the brink of disaster!

I was on the train commute home from work when my husband sent me this picture via text.  My 5 year old, Nolan, came downstairs all excited, "Dad I gave myself a haircut"! 

OMG...It was bad.  Using his "kid scissors" he cut big chunks out of the front of his head almost down to the skin.

Nolan has been is a little obsessed with his hair lately.  One day last week he spent all morning in the mirror making his hair into a "faux hawk" to sport at school.  He even asked me for a little hairspray, what?  I have to admit, it did look really cute and I let him go to school like this.

and now we have this... 

After realizing the big mistake he made he said was mad at himself :( and crying "Dad you have to fix it".

My husband is a barber.  This may explain part of the hair obsession and the attempt at giving himself a haircut.  They made an emergency trip to Lessard's Barbershop. 

Looks like Nolan just got his summer haircut a little early (and a little shorter) this year.

This post wasn't meant to be an advertisement but I might as well give the shop a plug - If you are in the Boston area and have a hair disaster that needs fixing or just need a good cut stop by...
Lessard's Barbershop
545 Washington Street
Brighton, MA
(617) 789-4199


Janet said...

This is a classic! Thank goodness it was Dad to the rescue. I love the mad face!

Sister Cousin LOL said...

LMAO-Hysterical...I guess it's not only the girls that like to cut their hair. I am soooooo glad I have never had to experience this one. I love the angry face...poor thing. LOL