Friday, April 15, 2011

Lunch and The City - Trattoria Andiamo

This week's Lunch and The City (you know like "Sex and The City" but different LOL):

A good salad is hard to find!  Here is one of my favorite places to get a great salad.  It's called Trattoria Andiamo, but I can never pronounce it so my friends at work and I refer to it as "the good salad place".  It's located on South Street in the "Leather District" of Boston and has much more than salad. 

Trattoria Andiamo is a family owned business by two sisters Sandy and Donna.  Each fabulous meal, sandwich or panini are inspired by their Italian mother's home cooking.

Here is Sandy with some of her staff. 

On this particular day I got my usual--Garden Salad with Rosemary Chicken. 

They sell Iggy's bread, an all-natural bread that I cannot resist.  My favorite is the Focaccia.
Another nice touch is Donna gives you a free sample of their homemade soup of the day, which was Lentil and it was so good! 

They sell beer and wine, not that I am going to get wasted during my lunch hour, but it's nice to know I do have the option (kidding of course!). 

They also cater parties and corporate meetings/events.

I told Sandy and Donna that I was going to blog about their restaurant because it is one of my favorites and Donna gave me a free cookie! 

You can find them on Facebook or their website


Loopy said...

Great post! Now I'm hungry for salad.

Kelly said...

Please take me next time you go!